Stop WordPress Spam With These Pro Tips From Semalt

Registration spam and comment spam are the two major problems for WordPress blogs and websites. It is common for high-profile websites to receive hundreds of thousands of spam comments and fake registrations per week. These types of spam can damage or destroy your reputation with search engines and readers if you don't tackle it properly. Therefore, you should face the spammers and thwart the attempts of spamming your site or blog. Thankfully, there are some tips to deal with comment spammers and registration spammers.

If you have configured the WordPress site correctly, you may follow these tips Frank Abagnale, a top leading expert of Semalt, to ensure your site's safety and protection on the internet.

Tip#1: Configure the WordPress Discussion Settings:

Though you can install a large number of WordPress plugins to deal with comment spam and registration spam, you can configure the WordPress discussion settings. They are situated in the Settings section of the admin area, such as /wp-admin/options-discussion.php. The easiest and full-proof way to stop the spam comments and registration spam is to approve your comments and turn of the registrations temporarily manually. A more practical way, however, is to install the plugins that allow you to review the commenter and approve them automatically. The comments that look illegal won't be published on your site. Similarly, the users whose IPs have been blacklisted won't be able to register or subscribe to your newsletters.

Tip#2: Always review the discussion settings:

To tackle the comment spam or registration spam, you should test and review the discussion settings before approving anything on your website. It is a great way to reduce the number of spam comments and registrations coming to your website every day.

Tip#3: Install the Captcha forms:

The Captcha forms are installed by a large number of people and work as powerful anti-spam tools. They help reduce the number of spam comments and prevent the registration spam to an extent. You should install a captcha form instantly on your site and continue removing the comments that don't look legitimate. In addition, you should not approve an author or editor you don't trust on.

Tip#4: The Akismet plugin:

Akismet is such a great and powerful plugin that is created by Automattic. It includes the copies of your comments in its own database and helps you get rid of spam comments and registration spam to an extent. This plugin protects your website from spammers and checks every comment and registration for authenticity before getting it approved. However, this plugin does not always approve legitimate comments and is unable to check which comments are good and which ones are bad.

Tip#5: Disable Comments on the Old Posts:

Another great strategy is to disable the comments on your older posts and prevent the registration of spammers automatically when your site grows. The spammers won't be able to comment when you have disabled your website's functions. For this, go to the Settings > Discussion area and look for the Automatically Close Comments button. Click on that button and restart your window/operating system.

Tip#6: Require Moderation:

Go to the Settings > Discussion area where you can see different kinds of options your WordPress site offers to cut down on comment spam and registration spam.

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